Monday, February 28, 2011

GaggleofChicks: $25 Worth of LetsGoGreen.Biz Products for As Low As Free!

Gaggle of Chicks has a great deal today $10 for $25 worth of Eco-Friendly Goods from LetsGoGreen.Boz!

You can also get a $10 Credit when you sign-up right now, so you can get it for FREE!

They offer daily deals that last for 48 hours and you can get them at a nice discount!

Groupon ~ Free movies and a money maker!

Get three one-night Redbox Movie Rentals (worth $3.00) for only $1.00 at Groupon through Tuesday (you can find this by looking at the yellow box at the top of the page). You can only buy one for yourself and two as gifts. You can use it at Redbox kiosks until June 1, 2011.

For $1 they will give you three codes for three free movies, so you don’t have to rent all three movies at one time. Remember you can also get 3% cash back at Groupon when you shop thru Ebates. Which means since you get either $5 through ebates for joining when you join the site and make your first purchase. You will actually make money off this deal.

I love Groupon they have so many awesome deals! Come check them out today!

Free 1 year subscription to Family Fun Magazine

Great Deal on Plum District today!

1 Year of Disney's Family Fun Magazine for $5 and when you join Plum District for the first time you get a $5 credit so that would make it FREE!

Happy Birthday Swag Bucks- Some tips some tricks and some advice to earn big on Swag Bucks

Ok yes I am excited but its for a good reason swagbuck birthday is an awesome time to earn sbs through codes since they will be launching them through our the day, but it can also be a very frustrating day because alot of people are on the site, so the site tends to lag. So I am here with a few tips and tricks.

First if your not a member, what are you waiting for? It is an awesome way to earn gift cards, paypal cash, and a wide variety of items. I love using it to earn amazon cards, and its pretty dang easy.

and new members after you join use the code BirthdayFun and get 25 SBs on top of the 30 you get for joining!
When you join the site, or log in you will see your home page. In order to enter codes you just copy them and then paste them into the box boxed in red, and then click gimmie.

Codes can be found in the blog, on facebook, on twitter, on the toolbar, in the store, and on the swidget which I will post below. These are released every once om a while, and from what Ive seen we usually get at least 1 a day if not more. Alot of freebie pages will alert you if there is a code, though we are not suppose to tell you what the code is we can tell you where it is. However there are sites that share the exact code, but Im not gonna share those cause I dont want my account banned lol. So yeah dont go posting codes unless you wanna chance getting bans..

Now that weve looked at codes lets talk about a few quick ways to earn.

There are a few things you should do daily. These are NOSO, Click Trusted Surveys, and daily polls.

First NOSO
You will have to click on the top bar on the swagbucks page where it says earn then click Noso this will take you to this page.

Just click the red Start earning Now button, then just click through the offers (theres usually 2-3) and type in the capcha and there you go 2 easy peasy swagbucks.

Next Trusted Surveys. Click earn again up top, the on the bottum of the pop down is trusted surveys click it, if it is your first time you will have to ok trusted surveys and take a quick survey, after that every day just by clicking onto there you will get 1 swagbuck, plus it will give you surveys to earn swagbucks.

Finally Daily Polls, once again click earn, then click daily polls, every day there is a new one answer the poll by clicking your answer and then click vote, another easy peasy swagbuck.

Another great way to earn swag bucks is swagtv. You find swagtv by once again clicking earn and looking for it on the pop down. then just watch videos, each video will up you bar 10% after 10 videos you will get 3 swag bucks, I suggest watching pet videos, or health cause they are shorter, you can choose categories on this bar.

You can earn up to 75 SBs a day from watching videos.

You can also earn swag bucks from doing special offers and task both which are under the earn tab. I love earning swag bucks from task and special offers cause there are alot of easy ones, also if you go on the swag bucks facebook people often post which offers went through for them this is very helpful cause often times they will go through for you to!

Finally the best part prizes!
On the same bar that you have been clicking earn, click rewards and then click swagstore. Thats where all the prizes are, there are way too many to list but I usually go for amazon GCs cause for 450 for a $5 GC they are a great deal. I usually earn $25- $75 SBs worth of amazon cards a month and so can you. An important note for gift cards though is you can only get 5 of each denomination a month and only cash out 2 prizes a day. So you could get 2 $5 cards the first day and the 2 the next, and then 1 the third and then you would have maxed for $5 cards for the month, but don't fret, there are $25 GCs and $50 CGs as well!

Come check it out! I hope this helps a bit and HAPPY SWAG BUCK BIRTHDAY!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Amazon Deal~ Crayola Crayons $1.72 with free shipping

Nice deal on Crayola crayons, dont have anyone to buy them for? Consider donating them to the back to school fairy by having them sent to

The Back To School Fairy
7820 Garden Hwy
Building C
Yuba City CA 95991

We will add them to our stock of school supplies to be given to children in need come back to school time :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hurry! Get Children's Clothes Cheap or FREE for a limited time from Gilt City

So would you like to get a nice piece of clothing free or really cheap for your child or a child you know? Heres how..

First sign up for an account at Gilt City. Once you create your account, click to refer 10 friends. l to 10 email addresses but none of your friends will need to confirm the emails. After sending to 10 friends you get $10 Credit INSTANTLY!

Then sign Up for an account at Gaggle of Chicks or sign in if you already have an account. If you are a new member of Gaggle of Chicks you will get a $10 credit which you can use later :)
After you sign up at Gaggle of Chicks, you'll see a box at the top right of the page that says "Gaggle of Chicks Exclusive Gilt Children's Clearance Sale 80% Off + Free Shipping". Click on the 'Shop Now' button to enter Gilt and shop their Children's deals. You get FREE Shipping when you go through that link on Gaggle of Chicks, and you will not use any gaggle of chicks credits so you can use those later to get something on there extremely cheap or FREE!

To get FREE items, select items $10 or less. They may be sold out of FREE items, but there are some awesome deals that you can get for just a few dollars. When you get to check out, select your $10 Credit - Shipping will be FREE since you went through the shop now button at Gaggle of Chicks.

I just got this adorable tank top in size 2t absolutely free :D

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Tutorial on Listia

Thought I should do a tutorial on my favorite auction site :)

Part 1 (how to list an auction)

Part 2 (how to bid on an auction)
Coming up

Have fun!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Amazon Deal ~ 30% Unilever products (Ax, Suave, Vaseline and more)

In order to get 30% here is what you need to do.

First choose a product from this page Unilever

Once you have chosen your product click subscribe and save this will save you 15% and you can unsubscribe after they mail it to you. Just make a mental note that after you get the item you need to unsubscribe unless you dont want to, it is handy to get shampoo every month without having to go to the store.

When you go to check out apply the code TCR5JU6H this will get you an additional 15% off.

Shipping is free due to the subscribe and so there you go easy, and great priced shampoo, condition, body wash ect.

Happy shopping

Amazon Deal ~ Buy a UDraw for Wii and get a Game Free choose from Pictionary and Dood's Big Adventure

Right now on if you buy a UDraw for your Wii, which is on sale right now for $65.52 with free shipping you can choose 1 of 2 games to get for free (a $29 value)

Choose from either the classic game of Pictionary or Dood's Big Adventure, see below for descriptions of the games :D

  • Udraw Tablet Required to Play, Draw a line through Dood and create a trampoline to bounce him through the level. Use ink to flick at enemies and break through walls.
  • Roly Poly, Use the motion-control feature to roll Dood through the level by tilting the uDraw GameTablet.
  • Bubble Trouble, Carefully guide Dood through the level by using the Stylus. Don?t touch the sides and watch out for sharp object or it?s doom for Dood
  • Fan Frenzy, Move the Stylus around Dood who?s been blown up like a balloon. Blow him around the level. The harder you press, the harder the fan blows
  • Unlock New Things to Customize, Getting through the levels quickly, defeating bad guys and collecting coins earn you star points. Use your stars to purchase more doodads, Balloonimals, and Magic Canvases to make your own.

  • The newest way to play Pictionary! Over 3,000 clues. Draw with several drawing styles, shape tools and colors. 3 Game Modes, Pictionary game show, Pictionary Mania, & Free Draw.
  • Pictionary, Be contestants on the Pictionary game show with new drawing tools, new Adult and Junior clues, and a 3D game board.
  • Pictionary Mania, Experience Pictionary like never before. Instead of categories, each square represents exciting draw modes, some only available on the Wii.
  • Free Draw, Embrace your creativity with your own drawings that you can share in Slideshow mode.
  • Udraw Tablet Required to Play Game

Saturday, February 12, 2011

PTF- A Guide to earning money through the coolest pay to do offers site.

Earlier I posted on the facebook page about which happens to be my all time favorite paid to do offers site. For the next two hours I was answering IMs about it and found myself copy and pasting answers. I decided to save myself time and to help you all out I would make a little tutorial to get you started.

Part 1

Part 2

Click here to get ccleaner which I use to clean cache easier without being logged out :)

So come join now :D

I hope that helped ya'll feel free to comment with questions.

Peace and Joy,

Friday, February 11, 2011

Shop and Save on Groceries with

Pre-warning: You may be able to get better deals via coupons, and sales at stores. This post is just to show some awesome deals, and show some great stock and save deals.

Do you earn amazon GCs? If you dont check out my how to earn money page it has tons of ideas on how to earn amazon cards easily, if you think I have no use for amazon GCs I'm here to tell you that your probably wrong. Amazon is a plethora of deals, including groceries. A few tips when shopping on amazon for groceries.

1. Buy in bulk and check to make sure its worth it. Determine if its a good price use this equation Price of item/number of product your getting = price of one product take the price per product and compare will you get cheaper at the store? Is the price at the store still cheaper after the cost of time to shop, and cost of gas to get there? If it cost less its a good deal.

2. Take advantage of the subscribe and save, and then 3 days after it ships, or when you get your item just cancel the subscription. Then you get the subscription price (which is cheaper) or keep it if its something you buy regularly anyway.

3. Get amazon prime, if your a student with an edu address you can get it free for a year, if not try the trial for 3 months, or the mom trial for three months. Its a great thing to have cause you get free 2 day shipping...

So what can I buy?

You could be surprised pretty much anything that is non-perishable can be found on amazon.

What kind of dea

ls are there?

Well that my friends is what Im about to show you, keep in mind all the prices I list are with the subscribe and save I mentioned earlier.

And thus Alice jumped into the Rabbit hole and oh what she did find, prices low, and items large, and oh the deals did fly..

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, 7.25- Ounce Boxes (Pack of 24) - $17.66 (with subsibe and save)

Price per Box

$17.66/24= $0.74 per box with free shipping

Fruity Pebbles Cereal, 11-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4) - $7.16 (with subscribe and save)

Price per box

$7.16/4=$1.79 per box with free shipping

Pop Secret Extra Butter Flavor, Microwavable Popcorn, 10-Count, 35-Ounce Box (Pack of 2) - 10.01(with subscribe and save)

Price per box

$10.01/2=$5.00 per box with free shipping

Which is about 50 cents a pack :)

Keep an eye out I will be adding more as I find it.

Happy Shopping,


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

And the winner is...

Drum roll please....

Valerie Peace! Congrats Valerie I will be emailing you to get your information to send to nomoreracks so you can get your prize :)

Have a great day yall and remember just by following you are entered to win and amazon GC, follow by email to increase the amount if the GC.

Peace and Joy,

Saturday, February 5, 2011

40% Clothing At

Awesome sale at on clothing. Right now has a 40% off sale going on for clothing, have y0u been saving up AGC's? Cause now would be a great time to use them. Come check it out, pick out your clothes and then use the code FORTYOFF at check out.

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

An Incentive if you will.. Can we do it?

I have a challenge for you. A follower challenge with an incentive. I would love to do more giveaways, but to do that we need sponsors to get sponsors we need fans to show the sponsors its worth their time. So I have a challenge and it is in levels. Higher the level the better the prize.

Our Goal - 200 followers

If we reach 200 followers (via google friend connect) by the end of February I will give away a $5 amazon card
If we reach 200 followers by the end of February and at least half of them subscribe to email I will give away a $10 amazon card.
If by the end of February we pass the 200 and have 300 followers I will giveaway a $15 amazon card.
And if we reach 300 or more and have at least 150 email subscribers I will give away $20 in amazon cards.

However you will only be able to win if you are a blog follower via google friend connect, if we reach the goal then on March 1st I will put all of the names of the followers into a hat and pull a name and announce it on the blog, the winner will have 48 hours to contact me or I will pull another name.

Any questions comment below.

If not go spread the word, lets get the followers up to we have more giveaways, and dont forget about our current giveaway ending on Tues 2/8/11

Peace and joy,
The Christmas Fairy

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sites that give you credit for joining.

I love shopping, specially when its free or discounted. So I decided to post a few sites that give you free credit for joining.. I of course will let you know when temporary ones come up as well.

NoMoreRack - $10 credit for joining (have to spend $20 minimum to use it.. but still thats half off and you can get alot for $10 that way) . After registering go to where it says Redeem a Gift Card and enter the code P1070, they have in the past also give free credits for holidays.

Mamapedia - $5 credit for joining, doesnt seem like a lot but it can be with the deals they have

Ebates - Im sure you have all heard of this one sign up, after your first purchase you will get either $5 in credit or a GC (you dont purchase from their site you purchase through theyre site so sign up and use it the next time you buy from ebay or (or tons of other sites online) :)

ThredUp - $5 credit for joining. Boxes cost $15.95 normally and are so worth it, you end up getting genitally used clothes for around $1 a piece. They also have toys, books, shoes and so much more.

Gaggle of Chicks - $10 credit for joining, fabulous site great deals!

I know there are more.. my brain went blank lol but I will add them as I find them :) Review and Giveaway

It's Time To Give Away a Fun and Fashionable Watch!

You know how much I love a great deal.. ESPECIALLY when you get a credit for joining the site! I have become a bit of a shopping fanatic ever since starting The Christmas Fairy, and constantly look for great deals. I stumbled upon nomorerack during a referral contest, and was blow away by the deals. Every day starting at noon est they have 8 items for sale for anywhere from 50% off to 80% off!!!!!!!

When nomorerack approached me for a review I was enthusiastic, who wouldnt be when they have sales like this?

On sale for $3.00
Normally $12.99 Retail

A rather young site, which started Nov. 17th of 2010, nomorerack has already gained fame quickly with thousands of members a day coming to their site at Noon EST Mon-Fri to check their latest daily deal., and was even been featured on The Talk as a top place for Black Friday sales.

They also have wonderful referral incentives. If you refer a friend they get a $10 credit to the site.... and if they buy something you get a $5 credit! They also have fabulous monthly promotions such as this months where the friends you refer count as credits towards great prizes such as lipstick, toys, or even an Ipad or Mac Book Air!

Want to join nomoreracks and stock up on great deals? Join now and get a $10 credit to shop with!

First join by following this link Next, click the yellow register button. After you've registered, click on the left hand side where it says redeem a gift card
put in this code P1070

Click redeem and Ta Da, $10 credit! This will only work if you join under someone.

A great shop with great prices and only $2 shipping per item. Don't take my word for it though. Check out these reviews from other customers.

Now on to the fun part! Nomorerack would like to give one of you a stunning watch in your choice of Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink and Purple right in time for Valentines Day.

Even so, we think the best way to add your own cool edge to an easy-going look is to bring in a glamorous, modern touch -- even small touches make a big difference! These Silicone Diamanite Watches are exactly what we''re talking about -- in each a sporty silicone band is elegantly transformed by a glittering collection of cubic zirconia stones and sleek metal. A fun way to combine glimmering shine with colorful style!

In order to win, complete the mandatory entry, be a GFC follower of this blog and comment with your email.

Mandatory entry- Like NoMoreRack on Facebook and then comment on their facebook with your favorite deal of the day on their site. Copy and paste what you said into a comment on the blog. You must leave you facebook name and your email for this entry to count.

Extra entries
-Join Nomorracks, Comment with your username (must be a new account)+10 entries
-Follow Us on Twitter + 1 entry
-Tweet about the giveaway (post permi link to tweet) +2 entries
-Follow us on Facebook +1 entry
-Sign up to our email updates +2 entries
-Post about the giveaway on Facebook (post permi link to FB post on comment) +2 entries
-Follow us through Network Blogs +1 entry
-Vote for my friends over at ~The Daily Goody Bag~ by liking this page and then like and comment on this photo (which also enters you to win a digital camera from them)

Entry period will end 11:59pm Pacific, Tuesday February 8th 2011. Winner will be notified and will have 24 hours to reply to email. Nomorerack will then send the watch of the winners choice to them.

The Christmas Fairy was compensated for this review, however, the opinions stated above are that of my own.