Monday, January 31, 2011

$1 for a box of kids clothes (free shipping)

Ok Hot hot hot deal!
Who has heard of Basically it is a site where you buy boxes of used clothes. Cool right?
Even cooler right now dealpulp has a deal where for
$6 you can get a Box of Pre-Loved Kids Clothes with Free Shipping from
but wait Im gonna sweeten this even more..
if you join under my referral link you will get $5 credit..
which means do the math with me $6-$5= $1!!
$1 for, for a box of clothes for your kids..
or one of the kids of next years TCF lot if you wish to spend it that way.

Check it out this deal really is too great to miss.

Come check it out now!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

If you like Swagbucks, and free money youll love this site!

So I joined a new site and so far I love it. It is just like swagbucks.. but better if I do say so myself.

First off, you can earn points 4 times a day by searching. These range in amount from 10-50 from what Ive heard, so far Ive gotten 37 points and 42 points from each search.

Second like swagbucks they have a special offers page, unlike swagbucks you get 5 points just for looking at the page, no need to look at offer just the page, instant credit and you can do it every day.

You can also earn points by commenting on and rating sites. To do so, do a search and click one of the links. You will be take to the page and there will be a irazoo bar on top. Type in a comment where it says comment and click yes or no about whether you would recommended the site. You get 25 points per site you rate (you can rate 2 sites a day) and 25 points per site you comment on (you can comment on 2 a day). That means 100 points easy as pie to earn a day.

Recommended is you search until you earn points and then wait 3-4 hours before searching again. They also release codes like swagbucks, but they encourage you sharing. So I will post codes when i see them..

Like swagbucks you can earn gift cards, electronics and more!

Come join through my link and you will get 50 points to start you off!

Good luck and happy earning

Awesome Deal: 1 year of parenting magazine FREE

I love free subscriptions specially ones like Parenting magazines.. why? Cause of the freebies that come in them. This month I got $20 of free baby stuff on thanks to two coupons in two different parenting magazines. So of course I see free magazine subscription and Im like BOO YA!

So check out this deal, that could not only get you a free subscription, but free items, or at least fabo savings!

Here is what you do, click this link

Join, then you will get $5 for joining the site. The magazine subscription is, you guessed it $5.
Click buy Now!
Click the little box next to apply $5 credit

fill out info ( you will have to put in a credit card I used a prepaid card that had no money left on it. They will not charge you)

and then submit.

They will send you confirmation email and you will get a year subscription free.

And when you start getting fabo amazon coupons remember TCF lol.

Peace Love and joy,
The Christmas Fairy

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A big list o' freebies

A list of freebies thanks to Deal Seeking Mom

Free Food & Beverage Samples

Free Baby & Kid Samples

:: Free Home & Office Samples

:: Free Beauty Samples

:: Free Health Samples

:: Free Feminine Care Samples

:: Free Pet Samples

:: Free Books

:: Free Magazines

:: Free Music

:: Free Photo Products


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Paid the fastest: A fabo way to earn paypal money or amazon money fast!

So I mentioned this on TCF but did not explain it thuroughly. PTF is an awesome site that pays you to do free offers some as simple as entering an email address. They also offer spin the wheel, checkers, and higher or lower as a way to earn money. They have daily clicks (generally worth about 3 cents each sometimes more.)

A few tips and tricks to make the most

1. Use different emails for each offer, its really easy to make emails on
2. finish offer leave offer open and then wait a few minutes before submitting
3. clear your cookies between each offer. I suggest using firefox cause its easiest to clean cookies.
4. When you join click last approved on the right hand side this shows you all offers that have just approved and is a great place to start when doing offers.
5. on the left hand side there is a chat if you have questions ask them there, people are happy to help.
6. Keep an eye out for contest, they have lots of them, including a daily one for whomever can complete (and have approved) the most offers, winner gets $10

Cash out minimum is $1 and it is instant, that means as soon as you cash out it will be in your paypal. You can cashout through amazon as well, but that only cashes out once a week.

Most of the offers approve within a few minutes but some take longer. Do not get discouraged it is well worth it I have cashed out $64 so far and am on my way to $100 :)


Pampers ThickCare Wipes, Scented, 504 Count only $9.79 with free shipping

Right now on you can find Pampers baby wipes (504ct) for just $13.99. If you signed up for Amazon Mom, you’ll be able to use the 30% Subscribe & Save discount which should drop the price of these wipes to $9.79. Amazon Moms also receive free shipping!

Sign up for Amazon Mom

Then go here to see the Pampers baby wipes (702ct) for $13.99
Subscribe & Save option will be on the right hand side of the page. Choose the delivery of your choice (remember, this can be canceled at any time, including right after you purchase) to get the discount and purchase the wipes for $9.79 with free shipping

No one has any idea how long this price will be valid, so if you need to stock up for a new baby, or even grab a great discounted baby shower gift, then head over immediately!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Very nice deal on a GPS Unit

This almost makes me want to use the amazon cards Ive been saving up.. Its a great deal, and the unit has some fabo reviews.

And the winner is...

The Winner of our amazon GC is entry number 16! Congradulations

"sweetbray05 said...

followed blog~

Sunday, January 16, 2011

TOTALLY AMAZING DEAL: Amazon is selling PS3's for $40 + $15 shipping

You have to check this out!

Amazon is selling PS3's for $40 + $15 shipping! I looked into it and it is legit!


Now through January 31, select Hasbro toys are free with $20 Hasbro purchase!

So Amazon is having an awesome deal. Now through January 31, select Hasbro toys
are free with $20 Hasbro purchase.

Here are the details


STEP #1: Purchase $20 or more of Hasbro Toys & Games between December 25, 2010 and January 31, 2011 and save your original receipt(s).

STEP #2: Print out this order form and fill it out completely. Use a separate order form if you qualify for more than one free item. Be sure to rank in

order of preference from 1-3 which item you wish to receive. Note: limit of five (5) total free items per person or household address over

the course of this promotion. Hasbro reserves the right to substitute an alternate Hasbro item(s) if requested product(s) is not available.

STEP #3: Check - and write in the form below – which one of the free Hasbro items you wish to receive in the #1 position. Also write in your

#2 and #3 most desired selections in case your #1 choice is not available. Specific items available while supply lasts.

STEP #4: Enclose your original receipt(s) (copies and gift receipts will not be accepted) showing the purchase of $20 or more (not including

sales tax, handling or shipping) of Hasbro products. Circle each qualifying Hasbro item(s) and the corresponding dollar amount on your

receipt as well as the date of purchase. Receipts not containing product names or purchase dates will not be accepted. We suggest

you print and keep a copy for your records.

STEP #5: Mail your Order Form and original receipt(s) to:


PO BOX 10370

BOZEMAN, MT 59719-0370

All requests must be postmarked by 2/15/2011 and

received by 2/22/2011. If you are under the age of 13,

please ask your parents to help fill out this form."

The form and all the stuff you can get as a free gift can be found here

So how about a few fun suggestions.. Here are my favorite deals within this deal (and remember you can earn amazon cards through the sites on our how to earn page which would make is in all essence free!)

Peace and Joy, and happy shopping,