Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Swag Bucks- Some tips some tricks and some advice to earn big on Swag Bucks

Ok yes I am excited but its for a good reason swagbuck birthday is an awesome time to earn sbs through codes since they will be launching them through our the day, but it can also be a very frustrating day because alot of people are on the site, so the site tends to lag. So I am here with a few tips and tricks.

First if your not a member, what are you waiting for? It is an awesome way to earn gift cards, paypal cash, and a wide variety of items. I love using it to earn amazon cards, and its pretty dang easy.

and new members after you join use the code BirthdayFun and get 25 SBs on top of the 30 you get for joining!
When you join the site, or log in you will see your home page. In order to enter codes you just copy them and then paste them into the box boxed in red, and then click gimmie.

Codes can be found in the blog, on facebook, on twitter, on the toolbar, in the store, and on the swidget which I will post below. These are released every once om a while, and from what Ive seen we usually get at least 1 a day if not more. Alot of freebie pages will alert you if there is a code, though we are not suppose to tell you what the code is we can tell you where it is. However there are sites that share the exact code, but Im not gonna share those cause I dont want my account banned lol. So yeah dont go posting codes unless you wanna chance getting bans..

Now that weve looked at codes lets talk about a few quick ways to earn.

There are a few things you should do daily. These are NOSO, Click Trusted Surveys, and daily polls.

First NOSO
You will have to click on the top bar on the swagbucks page where it says earn then click Noso this will take you to this page.

Just click the red Start earning Now button, then just click through the offers (theres usually 2-3) and type in the capcha and there you go 2 easy peasy swagbucks.

Next Trusted Surveys. Click earn again up top, the on the bottum of the pop down is trusted surveys click it, if it is your first time you will have to ok trusted surveys and take a quick survey, after that every day just by clicking onto there you will get 1 swagbuck, plus it will give you surveys to earn swagbucks.

Finally Daily Polls, once again click earn, then click daily polls, every day there is a new one answer the poll by clicking your answer and then click vote, another easy peasy swagbuck.

Another great way to earn swag bucks is swagtv. You find swagtv by once again clicking earn and looking for it on the pop down. then just watch videos, each video will up you bar 10% after 10 videos you will get 3 swag bucks, I suggest watching pet videos, or health cause they are shorter, you can choose categories on this bar.

You can earn up to 75 SBs a day from watching videos.

You can also earn swag bucks from doing special offers and task both which are under the earn tab. I love earning swag bucks from task and special offers cause there are alot of easy ones, also if you go on the swag bucks facebook people often post which offers went through for them this is very helpful cause often times they will go through for you to!

Finally the best part prizes!
On the same bar that you have been clicking earn, click rewards and then click swagstore. Thats where all the prizes are, there are way too many to list but I usually go for amazon GCs cause for 450 for a $5 GC they are a great deal. I usually earn $25- $75 SBs worth of amazon cards a month and so can you. An important note for gift cards though is you can only get 5 of each denomination a month and only cash out 2 prizes a day. So you could get 2 $5 cards the first day and the 2 the next, and then 1 the third and then you would have maxed for $5 cards for the month, but don't fret, there are $25 GCs and $50 CGs as well!

Come check it out! I hope this helps a bit and HAPPY SWAG BUCK BIRTHDAY!


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