Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Woot a way to earn $20 on!

It's back.. Mu ha ha.. ok evil laughter not needed lol, but it is back the send 15 earn $20 for promotion on itsthoughtful! Except this time its better, this time you can earn more than 1 card in fact you can earn up to $400 in amazon gift cards! I think that might help with Christmas, dont you lol.

So to break it down

15 people sent - $20 amazon
30 people sent - $40 amazon
45 people sent - $60 amazon
60 people sent - $80 amazon
75 people sent - $100 amazon!

and so on and so forth all the way to 300 people sent - $400 amazon!!

So go forth join itsthoughtful and send people!

Oh and while your there vote for TCF to win $500 to spend on the kids next year!

Happy earning and happy shopping!
The Christmas Fairy


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