Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winster: A fun and free way to earn money online

Finally a site where you can play games and win prizes without paying (though they do have memberships if you want extra spins)

I am gonna try to break this up a bit, so to start off with this is the link to join

Getting started
1.When you first join they will have you do a tutorial for social slots, read what they tell you dont just skip through it, it is useful.
2.Fill out your profile with your basic info and hobbies to receive extra points
3.Slot Social is a good place to start because it's simple and you get points pretty quickly. The great thing about Winster is that people play cooperatively. You can trade pieces with another player by dragging one to their board. If they accept the trade, the two pieces switch.
4. Make sure to check out the HELP button on each game itll tell you what the value of each thing is that you are shooting for.

5.After you've used your first 200 spins, make sure to go back every day and keep using them. It should only take you about 30 minutes, but you can drag it out longer if you're enjoying yourself. You can even stay in the room after you're out of spins and often other players will give you pieces you don't want, which can mean a lot of extra points for you. At the very least, make sure to play once a month since Winster awards you 1,000 points for each month that you play.
6.If you feel so inclined, look at the offers on Winster that give you extra points for signing up for various services, etc. Don't forget to send invites to any friends who might enjoy the site, since you get 10,000 points for each one who joins.

7. Most importantly be nice, and trade people are more willing to help people who are kind and help others...

The games, there are 10 games to play, each game take 1 spin per turn (I will go into spins later)

The games are as follows
Social Slots
This is my favorite game. In this game you match 5 pieces to get points, you can swap pieces with other people and re-spin pieces till you get 5 of a kind. A few tips about social slots
1.If you are playing Slot Social and another player in the room asks you if you'd like to play "jp", this means that you will take turns going for a jackpot and when it is your turn, all they other players will give you their "Winnies" and wildcards, the two most important kinds of pieces. A combination of 5 Winnies and wildcards gives a non-member player 1650 points, the most you can get for any combination.
2. Don't spin away Wilds (blue wild card) and winnies (orange W card) as these are used to make Jack Pots!! Get a combination of wilds and winnies (must have at least one winnie) and get jack pot.
3.Trading is encouraged!! If someone in the same room is going for 7's and you spin one...click on the 7 and hold down as you drag to drop it in the other players area! The better you trade the more people will help you!
4. If someone ask you to hold, do not spin the piece hold onto it and return it to the player after they have cashed out.
Bingo Bash
Basically you are trying to get bingo by spinning for numbers
some tips
1. The board will have grey white space, grays are what you need to cash out so giving people numbers that go in your white spots is a kind and good thing to do.
2. You can change your board by clicking little blue arrows under your name.
4. if you fill the board and keep spinning you will get points and additional spins but its not suggested cause you could earn more points by cashing out and going for another bingo.

Chain Gang
I will admit I don't play this one much. Basically your trying to complete a chain.
you must have end pieces at both ends and they must connect the more pieces connecting the more points.

Picture Magic
Basically you are trying to complete the picture.
You can choose any picture to complete, trade pieces with people and spin to complete the picture.
Move pieces around so the picture is in the right order or it wont complete.
You get wild cards in this one too which can be used in place of any puzzle piece.

in this one you are completing a face, you can use any color to complete the face but you will get bonuses if the colors are the same. Keep in mind the moment a face is complete it will cash out, so it is best to try to not get the face together if you are going for the same color until you have all the pieces and then move them into place together.

Spell Squad
in this game you are trying to spell words, my advice move all your letters to the bottom, then move things around to make words, the moment a word is made it cashes out so be careful with that.
you can make bigger words by starting them on one line and continuing the word on the next line down.
you can make 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 12 letter words, the more letters in the word the higher points you get.

Burger Buddy
This one cracks me up, basically you are trying to make a burger by spinning for ingredients, the more meat you get on the burger the better. The top and bottom bun must match (wheat or sesame) and the moment you have two matching buns with meat between them it cashes out, I usually move my bottom and top bun to the top two slots so nothing can get between them, and then when I have the other things I want I just swap the bottom bun to the bottom.
You get bonus points for using sesame buns, cheese patties, and produce.

Poker Pals
I'm not to great with this one either lol, basically your trying to get poker hands the better the hand the more points. When you first spin you'll get 5 cards then you can trade or spin each card to get a good hand to cash out.

Match Maker
This game is kinda like bejeweled except you can swap pieces and move pieces anywhere on your board to make pairs. With this one when you spin your spinning your whole board so make sure you get all your matched you can before you spin. If you clear the entire board you get 5 bonus points.

Doku Deluxe
On this game you are spinning numbers to make each square, each row, and each column have the number 1 through 4, and each digit 1 through 4 only once. You must complete the board to get your points. You can trade of course to get the numbers you need.

Phew theres all the games.

Now onto the the memberships

Free Membership - Free - you get 200 spins a day
Basic Membership - $4.99 per month - 300 daily spins
Silver Membership - $7.49 per month - 500 daily Spins
Gold Membership - $9.99 per month- 800 daily spins

Membership benefits include:
  • Your daily spins accumuate up to ten times your daily allotment.
  • You get four times as many points in the games as non-members, so you can win prizes four times as fast.
  • No more commercial interruptions.
  • You can create and play in Private Rooms, send Private Messages, and other benefits.

But like I said you can play for free and 200 spins a day aint nothin to sneeze at.

There are lots of prizes and Im not about to go into all of the. When you first start you can go for a $5 amazon gift card which youll need 1 mill points to get but being as to you start off with 700k points thats not hard to get. Then you can choose what you want to earn next. I am currently trying to earn 4.5 mill for a $25 amazon gift card :)

Best of luck yall and enjoy http://www.winster.com


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