Thursday, January 27, 2011

Awesome Deal: 1 year of parenting magazine FREE

I love free subscriptions specially ones like Parenting magazines.. why? Cause of the freebies that come in them. This month I got $20 of free baby stuff on thanks to two coupons in two different parenting magazines. So of course I see free magazine subscription and Im like BOO YA!

So check out this deal, that could not only get you a free subscription, but free items, or at least fabo savings!

Here is what you do, click this link

Join, then you will get $5 for joining the site. The magazine subscription is, you guessed it $5.
Click buy Now!
Click the little box next to apply $5 credit

fill out info ( you will have to put in a credit card I used a prepaid card that had no money left on it. They will not charge you)

and then submit.

They will send you confirmation email and you will get a year subscription free.

And when you start getting fabo amazon coupons remember TCF lol.

Peace Love and joy,
The Christmas Fairy


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