Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Paid the fastest: A fabo way to earn paypal money or amazon money fast!

So I mentioned this on TCF but did not explain it thuroughly. PTF is an awesome site that pays you to do free offers some as simple as entering an email address. They also offer spin the wheel, checkers, and higher or lower as a way to earn money. They have daily clicks (generally worth about 3 cents each sometimes more.)

A few tips and tricks to make the most

1. Use different emails for each offer, its really easy to make emails on yahoo.com
2. finish offer leave offer open and then wait a few minutes before submitting
3. clear your cookies between each offer. I suggest using firefox cause its easiest to clean cookies.
4. When you join click last approved on the right hand side this shows you all offers that have just approved and is a great place to start when doing offers.
5. on the left hand side there is a chat if you have questions ask them there, people are happy to help.
6. Keep an eye out for contest, they have lots of them, including a daily one for whomever can complete (and have approved) the most offers, winner gets $10

Cash out minimum is $1 and it is instant, that means as soon as you cash out it will be in your paypal. You can cashout through amazon as well, but that only cashes out once a week.

Most of the offers approve within a few minutes but some take longer. Do not get discouraged it is well worth it I have cashed out $64 so far and am on my way to $100 :)



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