Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CantBeatFree.. because well.. you cant unless its free and you get money from it!

So did I catch your attention?
I joined this site a while back and didnt get much into it, earned two $5 amazon gift cards and was like mm ok bleh next. Well today at the encouragement of a friend I got back on and its awesome. They have this new time and as long as you active (aka look through offers) they give you 1 point everytime the bar fills up, they also are running a beta tv thing where you can earn points like swagbucks, once again the timer runs on this one too so you get extra points on top of the points you earn watching the tv. They also give you a point just for being on the site for 10 minutes. Plus like swagbucks they have offers you can do, surveys and videos. What makes it better than swagbucks, well while they dont have a search to earn you points they have one up'd swagbucks in the amount of points it takes to get a card. 250 points= $5 card and its uber easy to earn the points.. oh and did I mention its not just amazon cards you can earn.. according to their site "Once you've earned enough points, you can claim your voucher. Choose from big retailers such as Amazon or BestBuy. Or perhaps you'd prefer iTunes vouchers, Xbox Live points, or Wlmart vouchers. The choice is yours! If we can buy them and send via mail, you can have them!"

How awesome is that!

So come check it out!


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