Thursday, January 27, 2011

If you like Swagbucks, and free money youll love this site!

So I joined a new site and so far I love it. It is just like swagbucks.. but better if I do say so myself.

First off, you can earn points 4 times a day by searching. These range in amount from 10-50 from what Ive heard, so far Ive gotten 37 points and 42 points from each search.

Second like swagbucks they have a special offers page, unlike swagbucks you get 5 points just for looking at the page, no need to look at offer just the page, instant credit and you can do it every day.

You can also earn points by commenting on and rating sites. To do so, do a search and click one of the links. You will be take to the page and there will be a irazoo bar on top. Type in a comment where it says comment and click yes or no about whether you would recommended the site. You get 25 points per site you rate (you can rate 2 sites a day) and 25 points per site you comment on (you can comment on 2 a day). That means 100 points easy as pie to earn a day.

Recommended is you search until you earn points and then wait 3-4 hours before searching again. They also release codes like swagbucks, but they encourage you sharing. So I will post codes when i see them..

Like swagbucks you can earn gift cards, electronics and more!

Come join through my link and you will get 50 points to start you off!

Good luck and happy earning


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