Monday, May 9, 2011

Earn FREE Gift cards, jewelry, household goods and much more by scanning products you already buy!

My Gramma has been a NCP member since my great grandfather passed on, he did it before her. It is a fabulous way for them to not only keep track of what they buy but to earn rewards as well.

How does it work?
You apply to become a member and when accepted they send you a scanner
then its easy as pie you just go about life as normal and when you buy stuff you scan the bar codes and enter the information they ask for such as store you purchased from. Total purchase amount, any discounts used. They then save the information and award you points.
No need to spend extra money, no need to really do anything more than scan the barcodes as you put away the stuff you buy. My gramma has earned gift cards, a really nice set of towels, multiple presents for my siblings and I for Christmas when we were younger, and recently got a speaker dock for the Ipod I got my grampa for Christmas.

How do you apply?
Simply go here and then fill out the form they will notify you when they need someone with households like yours and once your in your in till you wanna get out!

I already applied should I reapply?
I would say yes, I reapply every month-two months recently I forgot and they sent me a letter asking me to reapply in order to update my information. They want to make sure to have the correct info so they can pick you when they need a family like yours?

Why do they pay us for scanning stuff?
Statistics, they are paying you in points for giving them statistics on what type of families by what. Dont worry the company does not share any of your personal info. So what are you waiting for? Join now!

(We are being paid when yall apply to join, however I really do endorse this company and think they are fabo, and thank yall for supporting us)


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