Sunday, May 8, 2011

Save 10% on SimplyInk plus get FREE shipping on orders $55 and up

I don't know about you but I spend a ton on ink.. I'm talking way too much! Between shipping labels, coupons, list, and the hard copies of things for TCF, my printer is an essential item in my house. The problem is ink is expensive, and Ill admit it I don't like driving to the office supply store to get it Im a fan of deliver it to my door. So when I saw that SimplyInk would give me a 10% discount plus offer free shipping on orders over $55 I was like score! So I did a little research now my canon has expensive ink if Im lucky its on sale for $25 normally its around $30. They sell my black ink for $18.99!! So round that up to $19... figuring that's an $11 saving, now lets assume I use 1 cartridge per month, that would be $11x12 which would equal a savings of $132 in a year, now that's not counting the savings on gas money, and the savings in your time. My suggestion buy more than one cartridge pay the $55 or more get free shipping and then you have the cartridges when you need them!

I will be making a little money if you buy through this link. Thank you for your support.


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