Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Edible Chocolate Blood ~ Recipe

Light corn syrup
red food dye (or cherry kool aid)
coco powder

1. Combine light corn syrup with red food dye until you get a shade that closely resembles real blood
You can also use a red drink mix (like cherry Kool Aid® powder) instead of red food dye, although be warned that this changes the flavour.

2. Carefully add a small amount of cocoa powder to the syrup mixture to darken the shade and cause the fake blood to turn opaque like real blood.


Wendy Hughes said...

Ok.. mixed Emotions here.. LOL .. I love Chocolate , not Fond of Blood.. Hummm, will my Love of Chocolate help me Overcome the Grossness of the Blood Idea??? LOL ;)

The Christmas Fairy said...

Yessss eatttt zeeee bloooooddddd izzzzz yummmmmmy!

Tracy DeLuca said...


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