Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Get a FREE Box of Clothes for New moms! Join ThredUp Today!

Have a friend who is expecting? Now you can get them a box for just $2.95 on thredup (or if your new and haven't used your credit you can get it for FREE!)

Here is what you do
1) Browse boxes for newborn sizes
2) look for boxes that have a pacifier symbol on them
3) pick a box you want
4) select the send to new mom option
5) put in info it can be sent to anyone you want but the email has to be one not associated with an account on thredup
6) click the proceed button
7) review the info and then click the final step payment option
8) it will take the $2.95 from your credits making it free and leaving you with $2.05 of credit. Check out and your done they will make the box! (if you dont have enough credit of course youll have to put in payment info.)


How Awesome is that! So come check out ThredUp and buy a box today (If you buy a box after joining under us TCF gets $5 credit to use towards getting clothes for the kids)


Emily said...

I haven't done ThreUp myself. How do you get credits? Do you get some just by signing up?


The Christmas Fairy said...

Yes when you join they will automatically put $5 credit into your account and when you go to check out they will apply the credit to your purchase :)

Emily said...

I got it! Basically the amount of a Free Box of Clothes, which is free to new customers! Thanks for clarifying!

The Christmas Fairy said...

np glad you got it!

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