Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awesome Deal! Get Free Toys and other stuff!

Come Join Totsy

After you join pick out something you want to buy shipping is $7.95
Use the code 15CREDIT at checkout
Code can be used towards shipping so if you buy something for $7 or less you will get it free!

They have alot of cute stuff. Im getting two baby doll bibs and two baby doll bottles (one filled with "milk" one with "juice" to give to one of the kids next year :D )


Warning though the site is slow as heck lol but it is worth it.

EDIT: I just found out you have to have $15 in your cart including shipping, so youll have to buy something that is $7.05 or over to use the code, still you can get items for really really cheap, less than $1 shipped with this code.


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