Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thrifty Thursdays: Spring Crafts: Flower Collage


A sturdy paper to be used as the background, or you can use a wooden board, painted or coated in paper

Colorful paper in different colors and textures for petals and leaves

Buttons to be used as the flower centers



1. Cut out different shapes of petals and leaves from different types of craft paper. You can draw them on the paper with a pencil and cut them out or cut them freestyle.

2. Glue the flower parts to the background, decorate them with buttons, or beads or glitter if you want.

3. For an interesting effect, don’t glue the entire petal to the background – let it stick out.

4. Add anything else you want to it add cotton balls for clouds, or a yellow button for the sun or anything else you want! Get creative have fun!

5. Have fun and don’t worry how it looks in the end its the process that matters!

6. Let dry and share with the world.

Im not posting pics on this one because everyone should look like its on masterpiece you don't need a pic reference for this one :D


Thanks to for this idea


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