Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mypreciouskid.com - A post by Laura

Child safety. What does that mean to you? I'll be honest, I'm one of those parents that leans more towards “she'll learn” than putting her in a bubble, but no matter where you as a parent sit on the scale of child safety, there is something that you WILL need. My Precious Kid LLC is an excellent company specializing in child safety items. Www.mypreciouskid.com is an amazing resource, with a blog updated with parenting and safety tips. Like My Precious Kid on Facebook and you can ask questions without being judged and get feedback from the store's owner and other parents!

As an Oregonian, I love to promote Oregon businesses, but more than being from Oregon, she is a helpful woman with great advice on everything from child-proofing anything in your house to cloth diapers and potty training. I have never been to her physical store in Hillsboro, but I have heard that it is full of super-helpful people who are more than willing to answer questions and help you figure out what you need personally!

Go ahead and visit www.mypreciouskid.com and let us know what you love? What do you wish she had available in the store?



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