Friday, March 4, 2011

Beware the Ides of March! Gas Price protest, get involved

Well its getting to the point of insanity, there are predictions that gas prices will get up to $5 in some locations. A group on facebook has decided to try and show the gasoline people a thing or two in a silent protest.

Here is what they have to say
"FROM the 15th to 17th of MARCH, 2011 DO NOT BUY GASOLINE. Send the message to the Corporate Moguls that the African and Middle east conflicts are no reason to play games with fuel costs. Just like the message to Caesar
"BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH" they need to understand what it will be like for them when we can no longer afford it because they are raising the cost to high, what will you do when there is no demand? SO DO NOT BUY GAS the 15th. 16th, or 17th of March [IF YOU MUST BUY- buy only from your mom and pop places, not the corporations- NOT FROM: BP, AM/PM, EXXON/MOBIL, SHELL, ETC... PLAN AHEAD get gas the 14th and wait till the 18th]"

I have decided I will not be buying gas those days, its worth a shot to get the gas company to realise without us their prices wont get them anywhere. Want to take part, join this event, spread the word and dont buy gas the 15th-17th if you have to only buy from mom and pop gas stations.


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