Tuesday, April 5, 2011

BidRack: Get a Free Apple Product!

Bid rack is at it again get friends to join and get free apple products! How cool is that! Its pretty simple heres what you do.
Step 1: If your not already a member join BidRack
Step 1: Login to your bidrack account and go to www.bidrack.com/apple

Step 2: Grab your unique referral link, tell all your friends about bidrack.

Step 3: Get your friends to register at bidrack. They don't even have to make a purchase. Simply register!

Step 4: Track the number of friends that have registered above & claim your free apple product, in the order form below.

Easy Peasy lemon squeezy and its a great site, come check it out, maybe we can earn a shuffle for one of the kids with your help!

* If you join through my link I will get credit from you joining towards possibly getting free apple product (I have to say this... like its not obvious from the post..)


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