Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crazy foods .. when has it gone too far?

Normally right now I would be searching for our daily recipe, something yummy that wont kill anyones calorie count, but there are moments during my searches I find myself going are you crazy!

So heres my question when is the wish to make creative food going too far?

While looking my daily news which always seems to be on at our house was talking about the new food at our local baseball field, like normal I barely listened till I heard them say, "donut bacon cheese burger" I think my head snapped up so fast I almost has whip lash.. are you kidding me, at first I thought they were joking, a late April fools joke gone bad, but then the guy ate it and all I could think was do you have a doctor near by just in case you have a heart attack? So I did a little research and it is in fact true.
I present the Donut Bacon Cheese Burger, a greasy, sugary conundrum that will set you back 1000 calories! 1000 calories, take into mind you'll probably grab a pop, and maybe some fries too and your looking at most of your daily calorie intake, not to mention the donut alone has 10 grams of sugar! Apparently this doesn't derail people from eating it though because CBS news reported it to be very popular.

That was the one that stuck out the most, but they also showed an Italian sausage with a baked potato as the bun, loaded with the works and it came with a slab of butter.. to me thats just a cardiac arrest waiting to happen.

Of course there are odd ones that aren't necessarily unhealthy.. my sister for instance would make french toast smear it with honey mustard and eat it as a sandwich. I like Fritos mixed with salsa and eaten like cereal, and my friend swears that lemon slices dipped in sugar is the best summer treat. So what do you think when has it gone too far? What is the weirdest food you have seen or eaten? Comment we'd love to hear about it.


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