Friday, April 29, 2011

Tips on How to Help Your Child if They are Being Bullied: A Guest Post

As a mom to three girls, and a victim of bullying myself I understand the affects of being bullied . I have come here today to bring you are a few tips on how to handle the situation if your child is being bullied at school, but these tips apply if they are being bullied anywhere.

Tips on how to handle bullying at school

Please know that you should not ignore bullying, and that doing so could cause low self esteem, and self confidence issues . You should help him or her learn how to deal with bullying . here are some helpful tips .

1. Being there for your child while they are being picked on is very important and always listen with an open heart and mind. Try to stay calm and let them know that you are a team, and that you will work together to solve this problem and that they can come to you and talk to you at any time .

2. Teach your child how to handle bullying. Do NOT encourage fighting, let them know that you should never hit or lash out if someone is bullying you, that there are proper avenues to take. Encourage your child to find friends to hang out with that will not pick on him or her. Friends who will support your child will lessen the chance on being picked on.

3. Teach being more assertive. Let them know that it is okay to tell people no even if they are their friends; to be true to themselves, and their beliefs. Sometimes your child may be being picked on by their friends because their friends are trying to get them to do things they know are wrong.

4. Contact the School. Let the school know you are having issues contact the school principal, teacher and or school counsellor. If physical harm as come to child call them right away and file a report.

5. Help your child increase their self esteem. Have your child in sports, music , art, extra curriculum activities that will build character and work on social skills . Encouage your child to make friends with the kids that behave in the classroom instead of the ones who get into a lot of trouble .

6. Seek out professional help. If nothing seems to be getting done get help to deal with anxiety and help with emotions and let the school know you are not going to be putting up with your child being picked on . Always remind your child that they are never alone in this and that you are working to get everything worked out and that you love them very much .

Here is also a helpful website to help stop bullying

If your school refuses to help you may have to have the police involved so be prepared, it might take that action to make your child feel safe if the school refuses to help. However please use this as a last resort measure, most schools have an anti-bully policy and will help you.



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