Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Moment of Me Wednesday ~ Just Breath

Today I tried to think of what to write for moment of me Wednesday, and my brain went haywire, a million thoughts rushed through my head that didn't have anything to do with what I was trying to do, there were dishes to do, laundry, I needed to write a new review for the next giveaway, not to mention goats to be fed, and I needed to look for fundraising opportunities for both of the fairies, and to top it off the landlords little girl was begging me to take her out to see the goats...
I'm actually grateful she asked me to, cause it caused me to step back and realize if I can give you the best advice in the world its this, life is crazy there are ups and downs, there are moments you are going to want to scream, to throw stuff, where want to give up, and the best thing you can do is breath. Take a moment just to breath remind yourself it will be ok.
I have a challenge for all of you, the next time your freaking out, and theres too much to do stop a second and breath, take a moment and inhale, and exhale slowly. It is amazing what a breath can do, it can make everything seem no so bad. Take a me moment, breath, and remember no matter what you can do it cause you are an amazing person!


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