Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sign up for your chance at FREE Accessories from Old Navy!

I love Old Navy dont you? Now you can apply to get free accessories from Old Navy. Now through April 29th 2011, you can apply to get some awesome awesome accessories for you and your friends from Old Navy.

Its easy!
First sign up or log into crowdtap
Then Apply to host an Old Navy Party (it will be under your actions)

If you get accepted you'll get tote bags, scarves, and more for you and your friend, and in return for you giving your opinion you get to keep all of them for free! Bonus for telling them what you think you'll also earn cash which you can use on Amazon.com!

So what are you waiting for? Sign Up NOW!

A Special Thanks to The Daily Goodie Bag for pointing this out, sorry didn't get the credit part up last night ladies, saw I had forgotten but couldn't get it to let me edit the post cause the internet kept going out.


ramona said...

wish i could do this just signed up and am not able to cuz if my level maybe next time ;)

The Christmas Fairy said...

Work on getting your level up, youll get an op soon enough, Ive gotten some neat stuff from them already :D

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