Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Save Money on Sheets

A few of you know I was absolutely flabbergasted today when they suggested on Rachel Ray that you should spend upwards of $1000 on a full sheet set, are you kidding me! I can get a car for around $1000, I could have groceries for almost a year if I shopped wisely with coupons, there is no way I'm spending $1000 on sheets!

So how does one gets sheets for a good deal? I don't know about you but I'm not big on those rough cheap sheets at walmart, in fact when it comes to cotton this Fairy is a Jersey sheets kinda girl, but recently I bought satin and they are amazing! What I'm saying is my first tip is don't get set on one kind of sheet different brands feel differently and its good to feel the sheets first rub it between your fingers, ones you get an idea of a few materials you might like get to shopping.

Now its harder to get sheets online in my opinion cause you can not feel them but I took the plunge and bought a set from amazon.. why? Thats easy I got them free using Amazon gift cards I earned from Swagbucks. Amazon is a great place to check for sheets, but pay attention to the reviews they really are helpful, these are the sheets I got and I would defiantly give them a 5 stars, in fact I told my BF I was gonna have to send them back cause I didnt want to get out of bed cause they were so comfy lol.

Another great place to look is white sales, while these are harder to hit they often have amazing deals on sheets and much more, so keep an eye out at Macy's and JCPenny's. Thats not the only way to get great deals at stores though, keep an eye out for percentage off or $ off coupons, I know in the past JCpennys has had $10 off any purchase online coupons with free shipping to the store, take those and look in clearance you never know what you'll find!

Also take the time to visit online sites like overstock.com and SmartBargains.com and any time you shop online check out Retailmenot.com to see if there are any coupons for the sites, remember coupons are your friends!

Finally if you buy sheets or anything online make sure to go through ebates so you get money back on your purchase!

After you get your sheets make them it's really not that difficult. Just wash them in cold or warm (not hot) water on the gentle cycle. Dry sheets as you would anything else in the dryer, except to be sure to pull them out of the dryer as soon as the load is done. Don't allow any wrinkles to set in by leaving them in the dryer. If you're not going to be putting them back on the bed immediately, fold them as soon as possible after removing them from the dryer.

It can take a little work but you can find great deals if you look around, and please for the sake of everyone save the extra money for something important.


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