Monday, April 18, 2011

Open Discussion: Television what do you think?

As I sit here listening to glee on youtube I got to thinking about Tv and its influence on the youth of today and its influence on my life and my friends, my entire life I grew up hearing how TV was bad for youth, but I don't personally think it affected me that much, but then again I do not know why but the again other than a few shows that I "had" to watch I never have been a big TV person, in fact I complain a lot about the amount of TV watching that happens in our household because the electric hum of the TV bugs me.

However we do live in a society that loves TV, so I am wondering what are your views on TV and children, how much is too much? What is ok for children to watch? I had a child I use to nanny that at 6 was not allowed to watch TV, until I got special permission for him to watch Sesame Street, even then we could put it on and had to turn it off right away. He was allowed to watch his movies, it was his moms way of making sure he did not watch things she did not want him to watch and he did not seem to mind, and though I got tired of watching bob the builder over and over I did not mind either made my job easier cause I did not have to worry about allowing him to watch something he was not allowed to. So what are your thoughts on TV and children?


Wendy Hughes said...

My son Loves the Sprout Channel. I Love the Fact that Everything on that Station is Kid Friendly.. Some Shows such as Sesame Street, Help Teach Kids there ABC's & 123's.. It's not ok to just let them Watch any old thing thats on.. For Example, Like Family Guy, Just Because it's a Cartoon Does Not mean it's for kids ..

The Christmas Fairy said...

You make a very good point Wendy, I have heard people say oh family guy, and south park are cartoons so they are fine, and I jut dont agree... We have Quebo which is a channel just for kids.

Wendy Hughes said...
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