Friday, April 22, 2011

Join ThredUP and get a box of clothes for $2 TODAY ONLY!

If you don't know it yet, I LOVE LOVE LOVE ThredUP, it is an awesome site that allows you to get and swap boxes of used kids clothes, I have gotten 3 boxes from them and all three had at least $40- $100+ in clothing in them, and the clothing was in great condition. Normally it cost $15.95 to get a box of clothing but today if you join you get a $13.95 credit that means the box of clothing will only be $2! This is an amazing deal!

Heres how ThredUP works

When you join they will send you boxes so that you can send out clothes, when you list a box and it is picked they give you a shipping label to print out, and you send the box for free (you can even earn credit for sending out stuff if its sizes on their low stock list)

When you buy you pay the $15.95 (which covers shipping) and the box is sent straight to you, filled with clothes or if you chose one with other goodies in it filled with goodies!

They have boxes for all sizes, even some for mommy, and they have boxes of toys, one time I even saw a blow up princess jump house listed!

So go get your credit on ThredUP now! This is one of those rare ops we talked about on our Online Tips post!


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