Saturday, April 23, 2011

Savvy Online Grocery Shopping: Tips and Tricks from A Frugal Blogger

How much do you spend on staples? I don't mean the actual little metal things that hold paper together, I am talking food items you use all the time, and not only food, but shampoo, conditioner, soap, and cleaning supplies as well. Do you drive to the store to buy them? Have you ever thought about ordering online? If you haven't yet the first thing you should read is our post about tips and tricks for shopping online it will help you with the basics.

Now those basic tips and tricks are extremely useful but I want to take a closer look at stuff you would find at the Grociery store. Now Im going to be honest your not always gonna find the best deal online, and sometimes youll do much better at a store with a coupon so I will tell you my Golden Rule when it comes to shopping for grocieries online.

If it cost less to get it online (including shipping) then it would cost at the store (plus the gas to drive there) and its something you will use get it!

You will save yourself the drive, and the time. this does take some savvy shopping but y'all are smart right so lets talk about those tips and tricks we love!

1. First off keep in mind you are not going to be able to find everything for a good deal online, so you need to have a general idea of what the item your purchasing would normally cost you at the store that way you can compare the prices, and another thing, you want to look for non-perishables, not things like milk, meat, ect. Also remember things take time to ship so buying something when you need it ASAP is a big NO!

2. Speaking of shipping make sure you read what the shipping cost you need to include this in your out if pocket cost cause it can make or break the deal. Pay attention to sites like Amazon which has free 2 day shipping with its prime program.

3. Google search, remember that tip from our other post about searching the item it applies here as well, google shopping is a valuable tool and its easy to do as well. Search the item on Google. Then click the tab that says 'shopping', and sort by price low to high. Doing so makes it easy to compare the prices of an item online.

4. Look on sites like which will tell you about some fabulous deals and how to get them, also facebook pages/sites like Penny Pinching Polly, and The Daily Goodie Bag, as well as our own page which will post when there are good deals especially on Amazon.

5. Learn your termonology, knowing things like subscribe and save on amazon can save you a pretty penny! Alot of grocieries on amazon are eligable for subscribe and save where if you subscribe to get the items every x amount of months they will take a percentage off the price. The way you make this awesome? You can cancel at any point, after you get your order. Remember however to keep track because you dont want them to auto charge you because you forgot to cancel.

6. Another repeat, Get money back when you shop, by using to earn cash back when shopping online. It is pretty simple to use. Go to ebates and register or login. Then find the shop on their list you want to go to. When you go to the site through their site, you will get a percentage back in cash from the money you spent.

7. Read the item detail carefully, remember the downfall is you cant touch it and see the sizes so look at ounces, weight ect. and then find a similar ounced/weight item in your household so you can get an idea on the size your getting.

8. Make sure there is no way to sweeten the deal remember how we told you to look for extra coupons? This applies here as well.

9. This one is going to sound weird.. but if its not right dont feel bad about complaining, sadly I have gotten boxes from Amazon that were in bad shape, and I let them know and they gave me free credit, I am in no way saying complain just to get free credits! What I mean is if something is wrong let the companies know they want to help you!

10. Keep an eye out for promos, you would not believe what you can get for free, or really cheap if you pay attention. I recently got 16 rolls of toilet paper, 4 bottles of shampoo, 4 bottles of conditioner, and 2 trial size bottles of body wash for free, all because of a promo I found online. You might just find a great deal.

11. Deal sites, remember the sites we told you about on the other post the deal ones where you got free credit? Watch them for deals on credits for sites to buy grocieries, and cleaning supplies on. I got a deal on mamapedia once for dollar days, I dont remember the exact amount but it was like $10 for $20 worth of stuff on dollardays with free shipping. Thanks to that I got a ton of laundry detergent for free (thanks to credits).

Some Great sites to find grocieries and cleaning supplies on
DollarDays (this one is good when they have promos other wise shipping is attrocious) (sometimes you can find great deals on here, watch slickdeals) (another great one to keep an eye out for promo codes for)

Remember its all about taking the time to look you can do it! Have questions? Feel free to post Im happy to help!


Bri Hill said...

Love this!! Thanks for all the tips and advice <:

James Brickman said...

The Christmas fairy defines the Tips and Tricks from A Frugal Blogger with the Savvy Online Grocery Shopping. If it cost less to get it online (including shipping) then it would cost at the store and its something you will use get it.

Nancy Tandblekning said...

There are many tricks and tips which can be considered while we are shopping. That means we can save a lot by using all of these tips and we can also get review about many products for which we need to buy. And that gives us a little idea about that.

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