Friday, April 8, 2011

Scam Alert! (Emails from Kathy Lagoli)

A heads up, there is a scammer trying to get info named Kathy Lagoli, she emails people with an email that has the subject as a title of a blog post you have recently commented on, and either ask if you’re still in business or, say that she’s like to speak with you on the phone. She uses different emails I got two from her one from, the other from, but others have reported getting emails from her from other emails such as ,

I have gotten two emails from her, and urge you not to respond if she emails you, apparently if you reply she will email you again trying to get you to give personal information. There have been several people who have posted about her, check out the search results on Google, about Kathy Lagoli. She seems to be getting emails from blog giveaway post.

Like our blog many blogs ask you to post your email so that they can contact you if you win, I hope this will not stop you from entering our blogs, and remember any winning emails will come from our official email.

Spread the word, and stay safe, don't respond to emails that are not familiar to you!

Thanks to the Daily Goodie Bag for the heads up


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