Wednesday, April 20, 2011

School Items for under $2 with free shipping on Amazon, Donate to Back to School Fairy Today!

Its that time of year time we here at TCF start working to get school supplies to make back to school boxes for children in need through our charity Back To School Fairy. Alot of people think I can't donate TCF I just don't have the funds, well how about $2, or even $1 can you donate that? Here is a list of items we need for back to school fairy that cost $2 or less with free shipping on amazon. Remember you can earn free amazon cards on swagbucks, crowdtap and other great sites.

If you want to donate please ship items to
Back To School Fairy Donations
7820 Garden Hwy
Building C
Yuba City CA 95991


Heres the items for $2 or less with free shipping (through amazon prime)


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