Saturday, April 2, 2011 a Potential way to get high quality name brand stuff for very inexpensive price!

So I was skeptical when I was told about I'm not big on the whole buy bid sites cause well you never know right? I will say I was pleasantly surprised with this one, first off they give you 5 bids to start with or free which means bid wisely and you could get an item for uber cheap without buying bids, and secondly they state the shipping for each item on the page clearly so you know what your getting into.

How it works..
Each person uses bids to bid on an item each time you bid the prices goes up by 1 penny, and the time goes up a little (to prevent last minute item swipers) the winning bidder gets the item for the price bid plus shipping, basically like regular sites except you can get things like game stations, movies, jewelry and gift cards, for under a $1 before shipping (shipping is very reasonable too and varies based on item weight).

Like I said you get 5 bids for joining, plus if you refer friends 5 bids for every friend who joins. You can also buy bids, bids cost.
10 for $6
20 for $16 (I would not buy this pack)
50 for $30
250 for $150
100 for $600

Ok I know the prices seem steep right.. but imagine it this way items are selling right now with only 4 bids on them, so say someone bids, then you bid, then they bid, and it ends at 4 cents, you spent about 6 cents per bid so you just got a great item (like a $50 shell gas card, or
HP SimpleSave 500 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive both which are up for auction right now!) for only 16 cents plus shipping ($4 for the card, $5.99 for the hard drive) Thats an amazing deal!

I little tip if you are bidding and the auction is coming to an end soon refresh your page and make sure your still logged in, this was my only complaint I left the page open for 30 min and refreshed and was logged out, by the time I realized it and logged back in the auction had finished and I had lost :(

Now TCF has been offered a cool deal, if 15 people join under us, they are going to buy us the DVD we had bid on (Beauty and the Beast the new edition one diamond I think it is) which would make a neat gift for any kid :D

So go on give it a chance you dont have to buy any bids unless you want to so why not take the free bids and give it a roll you might love it (they do not ask for credit/debit cards if you buy stuff payments are through paypal.

Give it a shot join here!


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