Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thrifty Thursdays ~ Lucky Rabbit Feet

Found this on Disney's family site, which by the way if one of my favorite sites for craft ideas! When I saw this one I just knew it was too fun not to share.

felt (white, brown, pink) (you of course can use other colors)
tacky glue
Jingle Bells
Pink Paint (or any color you want really)

1. Print out the template
2. cut the heads from the white stiff felt, eyes from the brown felt, and ear details from the pink (or whatever colors you choose to use)
3. Attach the features to the faces with tacky glue
4. Cut two slits for the nose as shown.
5. Paint the bell if you want to
6. Thread a bell onto each lace, then thread the ends of the laces through the nose slits. Lace up the shoes and tie as usual.


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